Our Facilities

CustomAir’s factory at 842 Cooper St Somerton incorporates our complete manufacturing, installation and repair facility under one roof.

Our site has adequate parking for staff and visitor cars, room for trailer parking in the street or in one of our two driveways if required. We have a fully equipped lunch room and a comfortable waiting room with couches and television. A shower and bathroom is available to drivers waiting on their vehicle.

The factory layout is flexible and adjusted to the current work profile, and includes a complete sheet-metal fabrication section, 3 welding bays, lathe, steel profile cutter, wet spray booth, sanding booth, two assembly areas, a hoist, six truck/vehicle installation bays and a comprehensive spare part store.
We always lock all customer vehicles inside our building at night and on weekends. Security is provided by a comprehensive alarm system and a 14 camera video surveillance system, both having off-site monitoring.

Our Premises