Operation of SleepAir bunk Cooler.

  1. Turn the unit on via the rocker switch located in the bunk control panel.
  2. Adjust fan speed to desired setting.
  3. Adjust thermostat to desired setting.
  4. Ensure unit is left in Stand By mode on the rocker switch when turning unit off. This allows the battery monitoring to work and also provides for the seat remote switch (If fitted) to operate.
  5. Turning the unit off via seat remote switch, simply turn switch to off.

Under no circumstances is the unit to be run whilst the vehicle is mobile.

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SleepAir Diesel bunk airconditioning system service requirements.

First 300 Hour Service and every 300 Hours thereafter.

  1. Drain engine oil.
  2. Replace Oil Filter LF689
  3. Check Air Filter and clean or replace AF11180 (if Cartridge style) or SU-DAF ( if Donaldson style)
  4. Replace engine oil with 15W-40 Mineral Oil, similar to Castrol RX Super (1.9 Litres).

         Oil Specification; SAE 15W-40, API CK-4,CJ-4, ACEA E9, E7.

  1. Check belts and Idler pulley (if fitted) Test and run unit.

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Plus below every 300 Hours additional.

  1. As above, check fuel filter and water separator and replace if required.
  2. Replace inline fuel filter at fuel pump Z14
  3. Replace water separator filter FS1251

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