Welcome to CustomAir

Opened in 1992, founders Mark Powell and Shane Jones operated as CustomAir out of the back of a truck set up as a mobile workshop. Most work was performed on-site including materials fabrication and installation.

As time went by, they secured the corner of a factory in Campbellfield as their workshop and hired a third employee. Since then, the business has continually grown due to the pursuit of product and performance excellence, which customers have been attracted towards and are continuing to spread the word of quality. Mark and Shane are continually adding new products and services so as to attract the next generation of truck owner.

Further growth was inevitable, and in 2004 CustomAir moved to its current facility in Cooper Street Somerton. With over two square kilometres of workshop space, Mark, Shane and the team are able to cater for all makes and models of heavy vehicle, specialising in Kenworth, Volvo and Mercedes.

– No Problems – Only Solutions –

CustomAir now exclusively use Kubota’s Series engines to power their air conditioning creations. The unique set of engines combine the compact and lightweight features of an air-cooled engine together with the low noise, durability and cleaner emission of a water-cooled diesel engine. CustomAir undertake full interior cabin fit outs including trimming, fridge layouts, diesel heating and more. The trucks that CustomAir now build are considered showpieces, with all the bells and whistles.

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