Operation Details;

Standard System;

  1. Place the rocker switch on the in bunk control panel to the run position. The unit will commence a warning buzzer to advise the unit is about to start.
  2. The unit will start and run for a period of two minutes before the compressor engages. At this point you will hear the engine load up and the bunk fan will commence blowing.
  3. Once you feel the air movement, you can alter the fan speed setting and the thermostat via the two marked controls on the in bunk control panel.
  4. The unit is now operating, you can adjust temperature and fan speed at any time.
  5. When you turn the unit off you have two choices,
  6. Turn unit off and leave until next required. OR
  7. Turn unit to the Standby mode on the main Rocker switch on the in bunk controller, which will continue to monitor the battery levels and engage the SleepAir if the levels drop below the programmed set point. This does not engage cooling.

If your system is fitted with a seat remote switch.

            1. Leave the in bunk control switch on Standby.

            2. Operate the seat/remote switch to run or stand by as required.

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